Venom Movie – Different Symbiotes – Reason why Venom doesn’t

Find it here why Venom tonally confused this is just my view.. Watch it if you like it, we dont have the same view but i am pretty certain you don’t like it .

The Venom solo origin movie can be as chaotic as the symbiotes will be disseminated from the Foundation facility. This is what we can expect to happen in the movie. Venom is not the only monster we can see since symbiotes have different personalities and hosts. One of the symbiotes we get to see in the movie is Riot which blended with Trevor Cole, he is very aggressive and killing is always his desire however he is less strong if compared to Carnage. In the comics he was defeated by Spider Man easily and was taken down Venom as well. After the fight, Riot was defeated and his host died but the symbiote blended to another host turn into Vault.

Another symbiote you can see in the movie will be Scream. This time around the symbiote is a female. Scream host is Donna Diego, she is a symbiote created in the Life Foundation which was extracted from some parts of Venom. Scream is very powerful compared to other symbiotes made out from Venom, in fact in the comics she begin to attack other symbiotes and she make things which are blame to Eddie Brock and she is cunning. After she destroys all her kind, she became very strong and became the top of all.

Although there is another female symbiote in the movie called Agony, her color is very unique since it was purple and she is nothing more than just a female version of Venom. We don’t know if Agony will show more scenes in the movie or it will be like in the comics but it is still great to see that she will add something peculiar in the movie. If you are a movie lover you can already learn that Venom is a very unique movie since there are plenty of deadly monster shown here and there is no guarantee that it will be a peaceful movie but full of battles nonetheless this good one to try.0

Different Kind of Abilities of Transistor Game

Transistor is made by Supergiant games, the developer who made Bastion and there are quite a few similarities. You play the singer trekking around a massive sword known as the Transistor and the sword is actually the narrator for the game. His light banter didn’t immediately draw me in like the narrator for Bastion but 30 minutes to an hour into the game I was really enjoying. The beautiful soundtrack is also integrated with the characters. A number of them have vocals sung by Ashley Barrett which the game implies is your characters poets. Since like I said your character supposed to be a singer. The actual gameplay significantly different from Bastian now you can play the cam at real time in certain areas but for the most part it’s more a Frozen Synapse time planning. Where your character is to execute quickly in bullet time after satisfied with your plan because it is bullet I meant to be completely frozen it is possible to miss attacks especially with enemies like young lady the teleport after being hit once. Additionally after you kill her you also need to make sure you pick up the cells that she drops if you don’t a bunch of tiny enemies known as bad cells respond.


Bad cells are actually the easiest to deal with they have very little health instead some enemies like the dogs will actually respond in detail the new copy it themselves. Putting you straight back to square one if you didn’t collect their cell. Now the actual move the allowed to use to kill these enemies are not predetermined there’s a very cool system to construct your own abilities. Each move can either be an active ability passive ability or modify one of the other four active abilities. The mood’s actually represent people throughout the story and as the ejection is used in those three ways active/passive or as a modifier it unlocks one of the three-story parts associated with that character. Each abilities as between one and four memory so it’s quite possible that you won’t have enough memory to combine every ability that you have unlocked. You get progressively more memory throughout the game though and also I like extra passive and upgrade slots.

See you can consistently change and improve your four active abilities. Sometimes you will have an empty slot simply because more powerful to make certain combinations them to fill a pitched on its own and in addition if you die your most expensive ability is taken off your toolbar and disabled for at least a couple battles. This means theoretically that you have a few extra lives one for each ability at your bar but you really don’t want to be fighting with a single ability. You could win a fight with only 1 left in a bold but that really doesn’t sound like fun it’s also much more effective to use them in combination because you get damage bonuses for using certain abilities together. This can have a huge impact on how quickly you kill enemies so it’s worth playing around with each new type you get. For example, my favorite ability was giant which is a teleport with the load ability and the modifier slot which makes an explosion that does forty damage every time you teleport.




This means you can bounce around the map giving enemies list for the second to attack you and when used in planning mode you can stick it on a Giants because they have a very low cost so if you’ve been enemy the kick in additional damage against by back-stabbing. You can teleport back and forth next to them and kill them without directly attacking at all that’s just an example though there are tons a different combinations and how you can use these abilities as well as a lot of strange exceptions like the ability called help which would put in a passive slot will sometimes override your planning stage. The time so this happens which seems to be completely random you only get one option during planning a move called kill with the cost so high they aren’t allowed to do anything else. I think the flexibility and about a possible combinations in the system is fantastic.

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There are some obvious choices but a key to learning and improving throughout the entire game and if it becomes too easy it also has with the game calls limiters the same concept they used in Bastion these are features the you can enable which make certain elements harder giving the enemies more damage or a higher chance to respond and in return you get bonus xp after each battle. So if a story-driven fighting game with lace strategy elements sounds fun the deathly check this one out it’s a beautiful experience that I really enjoyed.

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Hollywood Stylists And Designer

Selena Gomez probably didn’t choose her dress she’s just a walking billboard like all these people. You can’t criticize the Hollywood elite who do you think you are. The epicenter of culture and high fashion the red carpet is basically one big ad we idolize celebrities for their style and fashion but the truth is everything for their jewelry to their shoes is marketing picked up by brands looking to make a buck.


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You look stunning I bet you woke up like this no I woke up like this and so did everybody else here. Yeah most of the time we looks slobby than the crowd at a Dave Matthews concert but anybody would look fantastic if they had a pit crew of hair and makeup experts following them for six hours.



Stylists tell me what to wear and the designers marketing team says yes or no depending on whether or not they think i’ll sell the product. Sometimes the designer can refuse to loan somebody a dress if that person doesn’t fit their brand or has the wrong body type. That style that’s not fashion know its advertising because when Mark Mcgrath ask who are you wearing all of America will wear that brand name. Exactly i’m basically human NASCAR. Who are you wearing? Thank you for asking my dress is by Valvoline and my shoes are by craft cheeze they’re melting again.


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I forgot about the awards this is amazing we get to watch live at Hollywood aside with the most talented. More like who had the best ad campaign. C’mon I’ll show ya from the most cost-effective theater hollywood the awardee awards please welcome a minor TV personality.


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So what’s the point all the movies and TV shows that I love her secretly Horrible. Another one of the denominator is still pretty good when it comes to who wins money talks I’d like to thank the academy for accepting me and the studio for always putting my needs first.


What You Know About Movie Ratings

Movie ratings are an outdated and unnecessary form of censorship that makes no sense. It all goes back to the uptight and prohibition 1920. Movies back then we’re starting to get a little racy, the government threatens to censor the movie industry until a man named William Hayes stepped in and created the hays Code you need to censor us the movie industry shall censor ourselves. The following perversions are hereby banned in Hollywood interracial dating, bmaking fun of clergy banned, white slavery banned, black slavery is a-ok though.



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The Hays Code eventually evolved into the rating system we haveT9:10 today and today’s a system is a lot less racist it is just as weird and arbitrary. No way I’m sure the people who write movies are intelligent objecting who are they btdubs that’s the spooky part no one knows. All these are the beings board members are kept secret. All we know is that their parents who live in Los Angeles I don’t agree with the smurfs pulling his lifestyle. PG okay I got one scholar has soccer and one is back to my ass today.

What we do know is the ratings they give are totally irrational. Movie ratings must mean something okay what are you excited to see in your first already movie that you can pg-13. Sweet sweet violence and a lot of it wrong pg-13 movies have been found to contain more gun violence and r-rated movies. In fact gun and violence in pg-13 movies has double no triple since 1985.


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Well then pg-13 movies must also have tons of sex, you wish for a group that’s totally chill with hyper-violent blood symphonies the MBA’s weirdly prudish about sex. they gave a pg-13 to the Dark Knight a movie where dozens are brutally murdered a hospital explodes and a bomb is planted in a dude’s belly and an R2 Shakespeare in Love and oscar-winning literary dramedy with some mild hanky-panky.


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The MPA straight-up loves violence and hate sex and no one knows why. What about swearing that always gets an R because swearing rules? The MPA often gives different ratings to the very same word because they also routinely rate LGBT sex as more objectionable than straight sex. How do they justify this, they don’t John Graves the chair of the MPA ratings board has said it’s not science it’s a matter of perception. Which means they can use whatever weird logic or prejudice they want.  Look in principle it’s important to know what kids are watching, the system we currently have is outdated arbitrary and homophobic and helps no one.

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Donating Blood And Giving Canned Food

Canned food drives now those have some problems actually local food pantry doesn’t even want your just be old and she’s gone.


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Here stick around because I promise I will eventually tell you the best way to give. Hate to break it to you but if you line up to give blood after a major disaster you’re doing it wrong. Mass blood drives became an American Civic tradition during world war two when huge amounts of blood were needed by the military. there are three ways to help your boys overseas buy war bonds donate blood and put japanese-americans an internment camp. Sure that in 50 years these will all seem like great decisions. Now it was a tragedy in the news we all reflexively rush to have our veins vacuumed. friends might love The problem is when everyone in the country does this we end up with a lot more blood than we actually need. Now this would be a problem except that blood expires after just 42 days. After September 11 prompted patriotic Americans to donate in record numbers blood banks were forced to trash over 300,000 pints of blood those donations were made with the best of intentions but they didn’t help anyone except maybe vampires.


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The worst part is blood banks need donations year-round and most of the time only 5% of eligible Americans donate.  So you want to help after this disaster wait a few months and donate blood and all the time yeah don’t need sweet. Here’s the public and food drives first you should know that one in seven Americans rely on food pantries to help feed their families actually hundreds of real problem yes but canned food drives are a terrible solution. You know the first thing the Food Pantry does with our old cans. We tend to use food drives to clean out our cabinets which means we only donate the food that’s so old and gross even we won’t eat it. Other buy food at full retail price picking out cans as though they were the know the need personal shopper he’s a poor like original or poles and spicy original not fancy but they’re still chipping in free food. Somebody has to pay to all of this can in the warehouse.


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Canned food is high in sodium which causes high blood pressure but it is true that nearly half the food we donate doesn’t meet basic nutritional standards. Okay so what kind of food do pantries need I don’t know what you eat. Oh well I really like fruits and veggies I eat a lot of salads, I want to try to eat you know chicken and turkey and stuff like that I just love a loaf of fresh crusty bread. Exactly but you can’t donate any of those foods because they’re all perishable.


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Canned food they’re not the most efficient way to give. We have a lot of can food  drives but there are a whole lot of work and sometimes we have to throw away food and there’s some costs involved in that but there are benefits right. Well yeah I mean one of the things that’s great as it can help children connect giving maybe they’ll go out and shop for their favorite canned food or soup and knowing that another child is going to get it really helps to make that connection with giving. The truth is the best way to help the food bank is to donate money because we buy food on a wholesale level and we work with farmers so we can take the dollar that you might spend on a single canteens and turn it into exponential more food. Giving bring  the community together and everyone else okay yeah but those are always watch the canned food drive helps you not the people who need it that’s not generosity that’s selfishness.


Buy One Give One Is Totally A Disaster

In  the late 19th century apples were exclusively used to make hard cider it wasn’t until the temperance movement . We all know TOMS shoes their buy one give one business model has made them massively successful what if I started shoe company and every time I sold a pair of shoes I gave a pair way. Well there is no Toms, he’s just a myth like Santa Claus, I know I was, surprised too but the real owner of Tom’s is a guy named Blake Mycoskie and as noble as Blake’s intentions may be the buy one give one model is incredibly misguided.

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Before Blake founded TOMS shoes he was a reality star who appeared on The Amazing Race and Fox’s sexiest bachelor in America pageant we give away something even more valuable to choose. While on a trip to Argentina Blake saw the definitely effects of poverty with his own person blue eyes and he decided then and there to devote his life to helping the needy by giving them shoes. Is it generous to give people something they don’t want or need. What are you talking about, people in those countries need shoes.

Yeah how you know I don’t know when I think you something in Africa the village you know with oceans and no clothes isn’t this a little high every one sounds like music and walking with water jugs on their heads and this is condescending isn’t it. Tell you what why don’t we just ask someone from Africa we should probably hey Teddy how’s it going and I want you to meet my friend Emily do you have shoes in Uganda surprisingly yes we do have shoes we also have shoe stores and we also have cobbler but what about this TOMS said that you know with all the videos of the Shoeless children that’s what we call poverty porn.
Find the most extreme situations and make it look like the most common situation on the continent. Shoes is the least of our problems really guys, we are not worry over at about malaria, worried about any jobs, we are just worried about having electricity in the village for example like.


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This kids don’t need shoes why did they take them in the first place. If kids doesn’t understand the ramifications of mere receiving these free shoes from somebody in America like what kind of ramifications but what it does is actually put people who are creating shoes right out of business. It takes away the agency of the community to be self-sustaining. Yeah one study showed that free clothing donations to Africa reduced employment in their garment industry by half. and here’s the kicker shoes Toms gives away cost them only four dollars to make but we take off 60 so if i get a pair of four-dollar shoes and they give away a pair of four-dollar shoes where the other $52 go.


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Look TOMS act like their charity but they’re a for-profit company last year Blake sold his stake in Toms in a deal that valued them at six hundred million dollars. Corporations are so evil know what corporations are capable of doing plenty of good in the world like when they contribute to local economies, buy one give one model doesn’t help anyone.

Everyday Things Which Can’t be Seen With Our Naked Eyes

Seeing is believing. A common statement but if we followed it to the tee, there would be a lot of things in our world that we wouldn’t believe in. Simply because we can’t see them with the naked eye. From tiny organisms that live on us to black holes, to tricks that make our eyes and brain see things differently, there’s a lot we miss out on if we didn’t have devices like telescopes and even cameras, to help us explore our surroundings.


parameciumLooking at this strange object, you might think it’s some sort of artist rendition of stewie griffin’s head. After all, it has the right shape, what appears to be two eyes and the mouth. Alas, this is not a cartoon character but an extreme close up of a single-celled organism known as a Paramecium. With the aid of a microscope, you can see all the parts that make up this tiny organism which can be as small as 50 micrometers or 0.002 inches.

Spinning Objects

spinningOk, so the spokes on a car rim or the blades on a plane’s propeller can be seen just fine. However, spin those objects up to speed and our eyes not only can pick out the individual spokes and blades but even start to see the object turning in reverse. This is called the wagon wheel effect. Although we know the direction the object is spinning in, our eyes can’t see it and even report the opposite motion.

Black Holes

black-holesYou’ve likely heard of black holes but have you ever seen one? In actuality, no one has ever actually seen a black hole. That’s because these outer space phenomena are made up of such extreme gravity that light can escape. Scientists can locate black holes by finding gas and dust which is sucked into them or even picking up strange gravitational fields. However, since light can’t even escape its pole, that means no light is emitted for our eyes to pick up. Strange but true.


neuronsRight now, as you watch and listen to this video, there are countless neurons in your brain busy at work, processing and transmitting massive amounts of information. You can’t see them because they are pretty small and well, you can’t look into your own brain right now. Looking like some sort of tree or mutant plant, it’s crazy to think that everything you do boils down to a chemical or electrical signal sent through these little fiber like structures.


radiationFor the vast majority of us, we spend everyday being bathed in cell phone radiation. We see the cell towers, see all the people on their phones, but never see the thing that links it all together. The low-energy radio waves are harmless and one hundred percent invisible and that’s probably a good thing. Artists and scientists even came together to show us what it might look like if we could see the radiation associated with cell networks. The results are interesting but we think it’s a good thing that we don’t have to actually deal with all that visual pollution.

Skin Mites

skinmitesRight now, you are crawling in all sorts of bugs and organisms and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s right, if we had microscopic supersite, we’d be able to see the tiny demodex mites crawling around on each other’s faces. Like something out of a horror movie. These eight-legged creatures come out of your pores at night, mate and then return back to their homes when they’re not getting it on, they’re eating. What precisely? While scientists aren’t 100% sure, but let’s just be thankful it’s not our brains.


nervesLooking at th,is you could be excused if you thought that it was some sort of a painting of a tree against a purple skyline. In actuality what you’re seeing is a nerve as it branches off in a thin piece of muscle. This occurs all over your body and is letting your brain know what’s going on. In this instance, the nerves help control the muscles by sending signals from the brain and returning information the other way.


spermIf you’re ever feeling down just remind yourself that you started out life as a winner. That is, the sperm you came from beat out millions of others to fertilize an egg and bring you about. Yet, while we can actually see a human egg with the naked eye, it’s a different story about the little sperm. Although, this little guy is just about 0.05 millimeters in size, and can swim three millimeters in a minute. Sure that’s not Michael felt speed but the fact so much can come from such a tiny thing is pretty impressive.

Infrared Light

infraredEver watch predator and wish you could see your prey or other people the way alien does? Well, you can but you need help. You see, what the predator is seeing is an infrared spectrum. That light is not a wavelength of visible to our naked eye, so we need help. Thermal imaging devices, like that used by the military and even the newest smartphone apps are allowing everyday people to see infrared light the way our favorite movie killers do. It turns out it can have a lot of uses that go beyond hunting Arnold Schwarzenegger.


We know this one is kind of out there but if you believe in spirits and love all those ghost hunting stories, then you know the human eye can have some limitations. Ghost hunters swear they can hear and even feel the presence of ghosts but we rarely have someone actually see one with the naked eye. This is where video cameras and special camera searching on the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths come in. More than a few strange objects have popped up on such devices. Hopeful thinking and imagination or a real siting? We’ll let you be the judge.


Never Let Your Cat Live Outside Your House

Helping everyone needs a helping animals what I’m all about I even feed the straight cat that lives under my deck name Feder. Feeding street cats doesn’t help animals in fact it helps kill billions of animals every year. This is a real problem yeah where is that doesn’t tolerant no I mean the feral cat population has spiraled out of control and it’s all our fault. There are over 70 million pet cats in the U.S. we love them and we cuddle them and we snapchat the hell out of them. Unfortunately some people also let those cats outside. That’s exactly the problem yeah an outdoor cat now. The average cat give birth to as many as 12 kittens a year and they’re kittens are born Feral put all of that together and there are now as many as 70 million feral cats living in the U.S. basically every pet cat living inside there’s feral cat outside living outside.


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These cats live tragically short lives they suffer from disease, there hit by cars and they attacked by animals including other cats. What’s not okay is that will indoor cats live about 15 years the average actual cat dies after just five so sad and then realize going out I was so bad for cat. This is even worse for birds a Cats kill birds whether or not they’re hungry even if you have just fed it.


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A conservative estimate that feral cats kill 1.3 million Birds a year they’ve actually driven 20 bird species extinct. Birds like these pollinate plants and distribute seeds they’re an essential part of the North American ecosystem. The cats aren’t there an invasive species that’s killing native once.

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It’s not the cat’s fault it’s ours our love for cats is what caused this problem. Humans are the ones who brought cat  at this country and let them outside their even entire groups of people devoted to supporting feral cat colonies. As well intentioned as these folks are anticipating a population of unhealthy unhappy animals that kills a million birds a year. If you have a cat spay or neuter and please keep it inside that’s at least to start but meanwhile we need to face the fact that our love for animals if we’re not careful and do more harm than good.

Save the the animals, save the ecosystem, let the nature be healed and as we look over the balance of our living. Help the world a better place as we look over our pets, trees and community. Promote recycling of waste materials whether manually or you can call on the experts best trommel fines.




Bad Experience – Never Use Paypal

First if you have no account  with paypal click this paypal  sign up link E ver since I started in the industry of e-commerce, I never recommened to take PayPal as being a way of payment. It will eventually lose you a few clients, but whenever things not work out between you and PayPal, you wished you’d never approved all those payments. Many people, especially in the Netherlands, are more used to different ways of transaction like iDEAL. That is the most typical way of dealing with payments. I could encourage the majority of my clients so I notice this as a personal win.

Throughout the last several years, I’ve been personally using PayPal, let’s say, close to Five times for receiving payments. This is mainly because I might have been coping with customers/clients which are living within the United States and Canada. All those nations would rather write cheques, but the fact is that, cashing cheques is extremely costly from the Netherlands. It is not unusual to pay up to 40 euro in your bank to cash the check which is really worth 100 euro’s. For this kind of occasions, I prefer PayPal for automated bank transfers, because all those remain pricy, but lower than cashing cheques.

Once you sign up for PayPal Consumer credit, you give your date of birth and also the last 4 numbers within your SSN, and the partner Comenity Capital Bank will tell you in case you are accepted, according with their FAQs. If you are permitted, you are able to access not less than $250 worth of credit rating, and perhaps you will get a smaller reward, like $10.

Accessible everywhere which accepts PayPal, “along with a large number of other online retailers,” PayPal Credit rating enables you to hold off paying for purchases for approximately half a year without the interest.

So this is the reason why in no way I will use paypal again. Thought you people may get a laugh out from the ignorance of this person and of Paypal. Therefore, I don’t get called a liar, I will actually chuck some screenshots of the PM’s. I sold 800 XTP bullets from the classifieds here and after several PM’s back and forth sent the item. The guy subsequently contacts paypal and informs all of them which I misrepresented the product and paypal take action right after 5 days, makes the decision to side with him.


Having paypal its easy to make any transaction online  or doing business with anybody. Either selling digital or tangible products But if your not that kind of person and you just want to buy some stuff online  and you dont have any money in your account. The Best thing you can do is to find some job online and allow the person to pay your skills  to pay you through paypal  which is not the easiest thing to do online especially if your  new to online stuff . But do you believe if there some stuff like  free paypal money  which only a handful of people knows it as most of online users are lazy to dig deeper online just to find something they need.

Since I feel incredibly pissed at the moment and my objective’s viewpoint might be off and clearly I am biased, I might be incorrect but I do believe paypal created a big mistake especially when I sent all of them all these screenshots and also the ad and that the customer is really a complete idiot. If this really makes a few people choose to never work with paypal again. When you consider someone this kind of stupid owns guns, is not really a pleasing thought but I think everybody has the right to, but to consider someone such as this votes is really daunting.