Bad Experience – Never Use Paypal

First if you have no account  with paypal click this paypal  sign up link E ver since I started in the industry of e-commerce, I never recommened to take PayPal as being a way of payment. It will eventually lose you a few clients, but whenever things not work out between you and PayPal, you wished you’d never approved all those payments. Many people, especially in the Netherlands, are more used to different ways of transaction like iDEAL. That is the most typical way of dealing with payments. I could encourage the majority of my clients so I notice this as a personal win.

Throughout the last several years, I’ve been personally using PayPal, let’s say, close to Five times for receiving payments. This is mainly because I might have been coping with customers/clients which are living within the United States and Canada. All those nations would rather write cheques, but the fact is that, cashing cheques is extremely costly from the Netherlands. It is not unusual to pay up to 40 euro in your bank to cash the check which is really worth 100 euro’s. For this kind of occasions, I prefer PayPal for automated bank transfers, because all those remain pricy, but lower than cashing cheques.

Once you sign up for PayPal Consumer credit, you give your date of birth and also the last 4 numbers within your SSN, and the partner Comenity Capital Bank will tell you in case you are accepted, according with their FAQs. If you are permitted, you are able to access not less than $250 worth of credit rating, and perhaps you will get a smaller reward, like $10.

Accessible everywhere which accepts PayPal, “along with a large number of other online retailers,” PayPal Credit rating enables you to hold off paying for purchases for approximately half a year without the interest.

So this is the reason why in no way I will use paypal again. Thought you people may get a laugh out from the ignorance of this person and of Paypal. Therefore, I don’t get called a liar, I will actually chuck some screenshots of the PM’s. I sold 800 XTP bullets from the classifieds here and after several PM’s back and forth sent the item. The guy subsequently contacts paypal and informs all of them which I misrepresented the product and paypal take action right after 5 days, makes the decision to side with him.


Having paypal its easy to make any transaction online  or doing business with anybody. Either selling digital or tangible products But if your not that kind of person and you just want to buy some stuff online  and you dont have any money in your account. The Best thing you can do is to find some job online and allow the person to pay your skills  to pay you through paypal  which is not the easiest thing to do online especially if your  new to online stuff . But do you believe if there some stuff like  free paypal money  which only a handful of people knows it as most of online users are lazy to dig deeper online just to find something they need.

Since I feel incredibly pissed at the moment and my objective’s viewpoint might be off and clearly I am biased, I might be incorrect but I do believe paypal created a big mistake especially when I sent all of them all these screenshots and also the ad and that the customer is really a complete idiot. If this really makes a few people choose to never work with paypal again. When you consider someone this kind of stupid owns guns, is not really a pleasing thought but I think everybody has the right to, but to consider someone such as this votes is really daunting.

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