Hollywood Stylists And Designer

Selena Gomez probably didn’t choose her dress she’s just a walking billboard like all these people. You can’t criticize the Hollywood elite who do you think you are. The epicenter of culture and high fashion the red carpet is basically one big ad we idolize celebrities for their style and fashion but the truth is everything for their jewelry to their shoes is marketing picked up by brands looking to make a buck.


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You look stunning I bet you woke up like this no I woke up like this and so did everybody else here. Yeah most of the time we looks slobby than the crowd at a Dave Matthews concert but anybody would look fantastic if they had a pit crew of hair and makeup experts following them for six hours.



Stylists tell me what to wear and the designers marketing team says yes or no depending on whether or not they think i’ll sell the product. Sometimes the designer can refuse to loan somebody a dress if that person doesn’t fit their brand or has the wrong body type. That style that’s not fashion know its advertising because when Mark Mcgrath ask who are you wearing all of America will wear that brand name. Exactly i’m basically human NASCAR. Who are you wearing? Thank you for asking my dress is by Valvoline and my shoes are by craft cheeze they’re melting again.


seo northern ireland

I forgot about the awards this is amazing we get to watch live at Hollywood aside with the most talented. More like who had the best ad campaign. C’mon I’ll show ya from the most cost-effective theater hollywood the awardee awards please welcome a minor TV personality.


seo northern ireland

So what’s the point all the movies and TV shows that I love her secretly Horrible. Another one of the denominator is still pretty good when it comes to who wins money talks I’d like to thank the academy for accepting me and the studio for always putting my needs first.


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