What You Know About Movie Ratings

Movie ratings are an outdated and unnecessary form of censorship that makes no sense. It all goes back to the uptight and prohibition 1920. Movies back then we’re starting to get a little racy, the government threatens to censor the movie industry until a man named William Hayes stepped in and created the hays Code you need to censor us the movie industry shall censor ourselves. The following perversions are hereby banned in Hollywood interracial dating, bmaking fun of clergy banned, white slavery banned, black slavery is a-ok though.



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The Hays Code eventually evolved into the rating system we haveT9:10 today and today’s a system is a lot less racist it is just as weird and arbitrary. No way I’m sure the people who write movies are intelligent objecting who are they btdubs that’s the spooky part no one knows. All these are the beings board members are kept secret. All we know is that their parents who live in Los Angeles I don’t agree with the smurfs pulling his lifestyle. PG okay I got one scholar has soccer and one is back to my ass today.

What we do know is the ratings they give are totally irrational. Movie ratings must mean something okay what are you excited to see in your first already movie that you can pg-13. Sweet sweet violence and a lot of it wrong pg-13 movies have been found to contain more gun violence and r-rated movies. In fact gun and violence in pg-13 movies has double no triple since 1985.


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Well then pg-13 movies must also have tons of sex, you wish for a group that’s totally chill with hyper-violent blood symphonies the MBA’s weirdly prudish about sex. they gave a pg-13 to the Dark Knight a movie where dozens are brutally murdered a hospital explodes and a bomb is planted in a dude’s belly and an R2 Shakespeare in Love and oscar-winning literary dramedy with some mild hanky-panky.


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The MPA straight-up loves violence and hate sex and no one knows why. What about swearing that always gets an R because swearing rules? The MPA often gives different ratings to the very same word because they also routinely rate LGBT sex as more objectionable than straight sex. How do they justify this, they don’t John Graves the chair of the MPA ratings board has said it’s not science it’s a matter of perception. Which means they can use whatever weird logic or prejudice they want.  Look in principle it’s important to know what kids are watching, the system we currently have is outdated arbitrary and homophobic and helps no one.

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