Venom Movie – Different Symbiotes – Reason why Venom doesn’t

Find it here why Venom tonally confused this is just my view.. Watch it if you like it, we dont have the same view but i am pretty certain you don’t like it .

The Venom solo origin movie can be as chaotic as the symbiotes will be disseminated from the Foundation facility. This is what we can expect to happen in the movie. Venom is not the only monster we can see since symbiotes have different personalities and hosts. One of the symbiotes we get to see in the movie is Riot which blended with Trevor Cole, he is very aggressive and killing is always his desire however he is less strong if compared to Carnage. In the comics he was defeated by Spider Man easily and was taken down Venom as well. After the fight, Riot was defeated and his host died but the symbiote blended to another host turn into Vault.

Another symbiote you can see in the movie will be Scream. This time around the symbiote is a female. Scream host is Donna Diego, she is a symbiote created in the Life Foundation which was extracted from some parts of Venom. Scream is very powerful compared to other symbiotes made out from Venom, in fact in the comics she begin to attack other symbiotes and she make things which are blame to Eddie Brock and she is cunning. After she destroys all her kind, she became very strong and became the top of all.

Although there is another female symbiote in the movie called Agony, her color is very unique since it was purple and she is nothing more than just a female version of Venom. We don’t know if Agony will show more scenes in the movie or it will be like in the comics but it is still great to see that she will add something peculiar in the movie. If you are a movie lover you can already learn that Venom is a very unique movie since there are plenty of deadly monster shown here and there is no guarantee that it will be a peaceful movie but full of battles nonetheless this good one to try.0