Different Kind of Abilities of Transistor Game

Transistor is made by Supergiant games, the developer who made Bastion and there are quite a few similarities. You play the singer trekking around a massive sword known as the Transistor and the sword is actually the narrator for the game. His light banter didn’t immediately draw me in like the narrator for Bastion but 30 minutes to an hour into the game I was really enjoying. The beautiful soundtrack is also integrated with the characters. A number of them have vocals sung by Ashley Barrett which the game implies is your characters poets. Since like I said your character supposed to be a singer. The actual gameplay significantly different from Bastian now you can play the cam at real time in certain areas but for the most part it’s more a Frozen Synapse time planning. Where your character is to execute quickly in bullet time after satisfied with your plan because it is bullet I meant to be completely frozen it is possible to miss attacks especially with enemies like young lady the teleport after being hit once. Additionally after you kill her you also need to make sure you pick up the cells that she drops if you don’t a bunch of tiny enemies known as bad cells respond.


Bad cells are actually the easiest to deal with they have very little health instead some enemies like the dogs will actually respond in detail the new copy it themselves. Putting you straight back to square one if you didn’t collect their cell. Now the actual move the allowed to use to kill these enemies are not predetermined there’s a very cool system to construct your own abilities. Each move can either be an active ability passive ability or modify one of the other four active abilities. The mood’s actually represent people throughout the story and as the ejection is used in those three ways active/passive or as a modifier it unlocks one of the three-story parts associated with that character. Each abilities as between one and four memory so it’s quite possible that you won’t have enough memory to combine every ability that you have unlocked. You get progressively more memory throughout the game though and also I like extra passive and upgrade slots.

See you can consistently change and improve your four active abilities. Sometimes you will have an empty slot simply because more powerful to make certain combinations them to fill a pitched on its own and in addition if you die your most expensive ability is taken off your toolbar and disabled for at least a couple battles. This means theoretically that you have a few extra lives one for each ability at your bar but you really don’t want to be fighting with a single ability. You could win a fight with only 1 left in a bold but that really doesn’t sound like fun it’s also much more effective to use them in combination because you get damage bonuses for using certain abilities together. This can have a huge impact on how quickly you kill enemies so it’s worth playing around with each new type you get. For example, my favorite ability was giant which is a teleport with the load ability and the modifier slot which makes an explosion that does forty damage every time you teleport.




This means you can bounce around the map giving enemies list for the second to attack you and when used in planning mode you can stick it on a Giants because they have a very low cost so if you’ve been enemy the kick in additional damage against by back-stabbing. You can teleport back and forth next to them and kill them without directly attacking at all that’s just an example though there are tons a different combinations and how you can use these abilities as well as a lot of strange exceptions like the ability called help which would put in a passive slot will sometimes override your planning stage. The time so this happens which seems to be completely random you only get one option during planning a move called kill with the cost so high they aren’t allowed to do anything else. I think the flexibility and about a possible combinations in the system is fantastic.

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There are some obvious choices but a key to learning and improving throughout the entire game and if it becomes too easy it also has with the game calls limiters the same concept they used in Bastion these are features the you can enable which make certain elements harder giving the enemies more damage or a higher chance to respond and in return you get bonus xp after each battle. So if a story-driven fighting game with lace strategy elements sounds fun the deathly check this one out it’s a beautiful experience that I really enjoyed.

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