Never Let Your Cat Live Outside Your House

Helping everyone needs a helping animals what I’m all about I even feed the straight cat that lives under my deck name Feder. Feeding street cats doesn’t help animals in fact it helps kill billions of animals every year. This is a real problem yeah where is that doesn’t tolerant no I mean the feral cat population has spiraled out of control and it’s all our fault. There are over 70 million pet cats in the U.S. we love them and we cuddle them and we snapchat the hell out of them. Unfortunately some people also let those cats outside. That’s exactly the problem yeah an outdoor cat now. The average cat give birth to as many as 12 kittens a year and they’re kittens are born Feral put all of that together and there are now as many as 70 million feral cats living in the U.S. basically every pet cat living inside there’s feral cat outside living outside.


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These cats live tragically short lives they suffer from disease, there hit by cars and they attacked by animals including other cats. What’s not okay is that will indoor cats live about 15 years the average actual cat dies after just five so sad and then realize going out I was so bad for cat. This is even worse for birds a Cats kill birds whether or not they’re hungry even if you have just fed it.


seo northern ireland

A conservative estimate that feral cats kill 1.3 million Birds a year they’ve actually driven 20 bird species extinct. Birds like these pollinate plants and distribute seeds they’re an essential part of the North American ecosystem. The cats aren’t there an invasive species that’s killing native once.

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It’s not the cat’s fault it’s ours our love for cats is what caused this problem. Humans are the ones who brought cat  at this country and let them outside their even entire groups of people devoted to supporting feral cat colonies. As well intentioned as these folks are anticipating a population of unhealthy unhappy animals that kills a million birds a year. If you have a cat spay or neuter and please keep it inside that’s at least to start but meanwhile we need to face the fact that our love for animals if we’re not careful and do more harm than good.

Save the the animals, save the ecosystem, let the nature be healed and as we look over the balance of our living. Help the world a better place as we look over our pets, trees and community. Promote recycling of waste materials whether manually or you can call on the experts best trommel fines.